Unique Dogsledding Adventure

Duration: 04:00 (Approx.)

Tommy and his incredible dogs have maybe lived here forever. He knows them very well and they know him, love him and trust him, too. They also know the area, every hill, every path, every single tree.
And they are no ordinary dogs.
They are a unique team of racing dogs, with the experience in some of the most challenging dogsledding races in the world.
Just for a short while, leave behind the city rush of Tromsø and join this cheerful group. Come to our secluded valley and let them carry you farther into the wild. Look around and enjoy the magic. During this unique ride you will hear Tommy’s stories of his life with the dogs.
Morning tour will show you the beautiful landscape of our magical valley. Evening tour might show you the aurora, if you're lucky!

Pick up at Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø
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Please be aware that this tour can last between 3 - 5 hours depending on the number of guests

At the start of the season, when there isn't enough snow to sled, we use buggies with wheels to still offer a thrilling experience

We require a minimum of 1 hour in advance to book this activity online. Alternatively, you can contact our office directly to inquire about short-term bookings.

Unique Dogsledding Adventure