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Unique Dogsledding Adventure

Tommy and his incredible dogs have maybe lived here forever. He knows them very well and they know him, love him and trust him, too. They also know the area, every hill, every path, every single tree. And they are no ordinary dogs. They are a unique team of racing dogs, with the experience in some of the most challenging dogsledding races in the world. Just for a short while, leave behind the city rush of Tromsø and join this cheerful group. Come to our secluded ...(more)
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Summer Island Tour

See the sea water changing its depth and colour from bright turquoise to dark, navy blue. Look at the moss-covered hills in the shades of green and red.  Travel through the areas where you'll have a chance to see the reindeer, look out for the eagles and maybe even meet the moose family living on Kvaløy, the Whale Island. Learn about the local ways of living, the old traditions, the calm life of fishing villages in the past and present. We find it very imp...(more)
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Ultimate Native Experience In The Mountains

ONCE UPON A TIME, IN A FAIRYTALELIKE VALLEY, SECLUDED FROM THE TRAFFIC NOISE AND CITY LIGHTS… Inspired by the ways of living of the Sami people, Camp North Tour will give you the first-hand experience of the native life. Situated in the fairytale valley, about 40 minutes from the centre of Tromsø, the camp is also a great spot to observe the Aurora. Whenever the Aurora appears in the sky, the valley, protected from the light pollution, highlights the spe...(more)
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In Pursuit Of The Aurora

When the Aurora decides to begin its dance, in order to see this mysterious phenomenon we need the sky clear of clouds and light pollution. Our experienced guides will tell you about the Aurora so that you could understand it a little better. They will also answer your questions about the area and the North of Norway. The tour includes hot drinks and snacks. We will take you from and back to the centre of Tromsø.   Pick up at Kaigata 3, 9008 Tromsø  
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